Tips in Naming your Lash Business

Tips in Naming your Lash Business

Starting a lash business entails a long list of things to do and some of them take more time than you ever expected. One of the tasks you never thought would end up giving you couples of sleepless nights is naming your lash business. One day, you were so sure that you’ve already decided on the perfect name for your new lash studio. But a minute after, you came across a good Instagram handle of the same business as yours and before you knew it, you’re back to square one.

Choosing a name for your lash business can become too overwhelming because your business name will be the forefront of the business journey you’re envisioning. Naming your lash business does not only involve what’s catchy or what’s more creative. It will embody your business’ identity, goals and even your business plans in the future.

So, before you finalize everything, consider these tips as your criteria in baptizing your business with a name you’re truly invested in.

  1. Consistent with your Branding

The lash extension industry can be a haystack for a start-up business like yours. The only way to success is to emerge and be distinguishable in the market. And to be able to do that, start with a lash business name that speaks for your identity  and the business type that you’re trying to promote.

  1. Easy to Remember and Pronounce

Making it hard for your potential customers to find you online or remember your lash studio name to endorse it to their friends are just two of the main reasons why no matter how you want to be unique or peculiar, a simple and memorable lash business name still works better.

It’s not just frustrating for your customer trying to remember your lash business name or refusing to mention it because they don’t know how to pronounce it but it can also get annoying for you if people always misspells your business name. Worse, having such hard-to-pronoun or hard-to-remember business name can be deadly for your marketing as well as your business, in the long run.

  1. Choose a Name That’s Not Limiting Your Business

Sometimes, it’s easy to resort to a business name that tells about your service or the products you’re selling or your location such as “Ohio Lashes” or “Michigan Winks”. But what happens when you plan to branch out to other states or perhaps offer other services such as adding brow lamination to your lash extension studio?


When choosing for your business name, it’s okay to niche down and be specific but not to the extent that you’re being limited. By having a more versatile business name, you won't have to stress about later having to clarify that you offer much more than just lash extensions to your regulars and even to the newcomers to your studio.

  1. Make sure you’re happy with it

With all the recommendations that you can get from your research, from friends, you may have a bunch of candidates of names for your lash business but nothing beats the one that means personal to you and that you really like. It goes real easy to do the business, promote it, sell it and own it if its name and its identity ring real deep on you.


Choosing a name for your lash business is a very monumental part of your lashing journey. This is where all begins. Your lash business name will be the name you envision to be in the hall of successful businesses and brands in the lash industry and even to the bigger beauty industry and market.

Enjoy every step of the process because no matter how tedious, and long and windy, you’ll get through everything and you would want to remember that every result you’ve come up with, you poured yourself and your heart unto it- including the name you put out on your lash studio door.

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